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Thread IRQ Conflict

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1 IRQ Conflict
Hey , umm i recently bought a maya44 mk II soundcard , and I installed it on my machine (running XP) .
on my taskbar theres the maya console , its caption is "IRQ CONFLICT !"
I read abt irq conflicts and went to the device manager searching for an " ! " , i couldnt find any!

And when I plug in my speakers to maya souncards output i get this noise (ss) every 1.5 secs or so ... but when i plug it to the old default soundcard it sounds completely normal .

Any help please?

Try this link: https://www.soundonsound.com/sos/May03/articles/pcmusician0503.asp

That should help you identify your irq sharing/conflict problem.
Thanks a lot !
I've just read the title and first parag. and it seems to be talking about my prob. specificly .
Thanks again.

Okay , I read the whole thing .
What I concluded is that I have to switch my soundcards PCI slot . I did that but the IRQ Conflict didnt go away ... :(
You may need to disable your original sound card (especially if it's an on board card). Usually done in the BIOS or via a hard jumper on the mobo.

I would do this (in order):

1. Device Manager- remove both soundcards
2. Power down, jumper out your onboard card (if that's what it is and how it's done). If not on onbard, just pull both the original card and the Maya.
3. Once both cards are removed, power up and let you computer boot all the way through without any sound cards.
4. Shut down, install the Maya in a slot that doesn't share any IRQs.
5. Power up and install the Maya driver when asked.

Hope this helps. If not, make sure you have all the latest drivers for the Maya, your video card, and your mobo chipset.
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Quote: 4. Shut down, install the Maya in a slot that doesn't share any IRQs.

How do I know which slot shares IRQ from another one who does not ?