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Thread Digidesign MBox 2 Mini

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1 Digidesign MBox 2 Mini
Can I use Audacity(or other programs) for the MBox 2 Mini or is it only able to operate with Pro Tools?
The reason I am asking is someone is wanting to sell me the Mbox 2 but they do not have the first CD/DVD for software/drivers.
In other words, I do not have ANYTHING to download so I was hoping that my Toshiba /Vista will recognize the box and load the driver automatically.
I am new to this so here is a "dumb" question...can I plug the box into my PC if I am just going to do karaoke on MySpace where they have their own music player???
Thanks to all who respond,

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I guess what I was getting at earlier is if the MBox 2 Mini can be used as a stand-alone system(just plug it in and operate the mic without using any editing software). Like, Plug-N-Play...I am mainly just recording songs on a karaoke site(MySpace) and I have an XLR mic that I can plug into the Mini MBox 2 so it will operate on my laptop through the USB port.
Thanks for the help,
You can use the mbox interfaces without a pro tools if you download a special driver pack from their website (you'll need to create an account on it).

However I never tried it and can't guarantee that it will work well.
Thank you for your reply Administrator. :idee: