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Thread Linking my MPC To soft synths in pro tools PLEASE HELP

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Topic Linking my MPC To soft synths in pro tools PLEASE HELP
Hey every body here's what i got first of all:

* MPC 4000
* Pro Tools LE 7.4
* Mac Book Pro with Leopard
* Kontact 2

Okay so my problems first started with syncing my mpc and my pro tools to record and sync them at the same time so i can have timed recordings from my out board gear I fixed that and now I have to big problems.

I cant figure out how to make my mpc work with any software modules like the kontact or anything else. So first i have my mpc ins and outs fine because it wouldn't be able to sync to protools if it wasn't. So now I want :

My Mpc to sequence instrument channels from the kontact in pro tools

have the instrument be recorded to audio or midi track

my mpc syncs so i know it's hooked up great in and out. but how do i set the software settings of pro tools and then do the two previous things????

I need a step by step of this if any genius out there can help me it will be very appreciated thanx guys!!!!