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Thread ADOBE AUDITION (Recording from Rewire App)

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1 ADOBE AUDITION (Recording from Rewire App)
I have recently got Adobe Audition which I am wanting to use to master my tracks from Propellerheads Reason using rewire.
The problem is, that when I set up a track in audition to take audio from a particular channel in Reason, the audio runs through fine but the record button disappears in audition's audio track? Now I know that this has to work, what kind of mastering program would it be if it didn't? I've been using Rewire for years with ableton cubase sonar and logic and i've never had this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
I'm so thankful for all the help i recieved when i was starting out clueless. And now i want to pass it on. It really is a beautiful online community we producers have.