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Thread what is some good guitar recording software?

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1 what is some good guitar recording software?
Im mostly into acoustic guitar, vocals, some elctric and keyboards.
im looking at Guitar Tracks Pro 4 USB. Does anyone agree or have something better.
price range of $150-200.
Are you just looking for a piece of software?  Or do you need a hardware audio interface as well?  If you just need software I'd recommend checking some of the lower end versions of Cubase...I'm assuming that if you're looking at Guitar Tracks Pro 4 USB that you need something to plug into...I'd say you'd be better off getting a simple two channel M-Audio type of interface and getting the software separate, as it will give you more options in the end...

yea im looking for both an interface and software...which guitar tracks pro 4 does come with.
But on the other hand like you said I would want something with more options in the end? Cubase does look alittle more professional and probally has more options for me. The Lexicon Alpha USB interface comes with a cubase LE recording software for like $90. And I can upgrade to a better cubase later down the road...do you think that would be a smart move? Thanks for your advice.
I would say that if you're only going to be doing strictly guitar, then Guitar Tracks Pro 4 would work fine, but if you wanted in the future to record with a microphone or needed a few more channels, you probably want something a little more in depth.  I'll always recommend Pro Tools first, as I think the combination of an Mbox and LE software is the best, but if you're looking to spend a little bit less money I'd say go with Cubase LE and something like the Lexicon Alpha USB as mentioned...
yea I think something like the cubase would suit me fine. Anyway thanks for helping me out.