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Thread Midi Keyboard for beginner and connections with Mac Book Pro

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1 Midi Keyboard for beginner and connections with Mac Book Pro

I would like to buy a keyboard in order to start doing music at home. I am going to get a Mac Book Pro 13" and I would like my future keyboard compatible with software like Logic pro (ideally) of pro tools otherwise.

In order to give you an idea of the type of keyboard I would like, I will explain now what I want to do with it:

- play all kind of sounds, bass, drums; xylophone.... well, MIDI and the tons of MIDI sound banks downloadable (or already included in softwares like logic pro) seems to be the best solution.
- Creat music at home with the possibility to play live too (maybe 25 keys are enough for the composition, but 49 seems better for the live no?)
- not too expensive obviously =)
- with a bit of included memory to stock some sounds on it

Here are my different options:
- m audio Oxygen 49
- Behringer UMX 490 (ou l'actuel UMX 49)
- Novation x station 49

However, because I want to do the beats and sample, I may need "trigger pads", and the M Audio Axiom 49 has it. Is it useful?

What type of keyboard would you recommend for a beginner like me then? 25, 49 keys? Do you know good brand and the one to avoid?

Thanks a lot to Audiofanzine
The options you're looking at are definitely in the right ball park...I'd personally go with the M-Audio Oxygen 49, but if you think you might want trigger pads I'd go with something else that will be more versatile...I generally like the M-Audio MIDI controllers as they are decent enough and are very low cost...
Thanks a lot for your answer Moosers,

It is good to see that I am in the right direction bravo
so you think the Oxygen 49 with a external trigger pads is better than a unique solution like the M Audio Axiom 49.
Is anybody else can give me his/her point of view on that?
Also, regarding the compatibility with Mac, is there a problem with the M Audio solutions? On the website, it is compatible with Pro Tool. Is anybody tried with Logic Pro?

Finally moosers, you seem you used M Audio already: can you tell me more about the comfort of the keyboard and things like that?

Thanks a lot!!!