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Thread Standalone Mixers

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1 Standalone Mixers

Hey, ive been looking for a while now, and i cant seem to find answers to my questions. Im hoping someone here can help me.


How does a standalone mixer work?


Do i need a computer to record with it?


And if i can/need to record with a computer, can i use a program and apply an effect like Autotune to it while it is recording?


On some mixers they allow you to use special effects, how does this work? Do i send the FX to another channel or bus and they fuse with the vocals, or do i send them to the same exact place the vocals are?


I am very confused about all of this as I am very knew to mixers and standalone mixers altogether, so if there is anything else you think i may need to know about this, please let me know. Thank you in advance


I am mixing a record that was done on a VS2480 with a couple of medium level pres and mics. I think he has a pair of KSM 141s for acoustic sources, an AT 4050 or 4060 for vocals and did some drums with 57 on snare, d112 on kick and the KSMs on overheads. He has an ART MPA gold (not digital, so it is the roland converters). The sounds are good, the performances are good.