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Thread Mac or PC?

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Topic Mac or PC?

Hi!! I know this is a long asked question but I'm wondering what the current opinions are.. I changed from PC to Mac years back and now I'm thinking about changing back.. At least with PCs you don't need to update your software every few years as things become incompatible very quickly on Mac, and 3rd party developers struggle to keep up..


Sorry it looks like I'm starting an argument from the above I'm really not, just looking for honest opinions pros/cons of each.. for music production.. cheers


Quote from: mikethurston :

need to update your software every few years


You're not required to routinely update when there is a new version. When your configuration is operational and stable, you can leave it like that. I make like that.


If many revisions go out, it's because the engineers at the publishers/editors are very active.  icon_wink.gif


there are certainly no wrong moves when decided what operating system to use for anything. Although both have there pros and cons, it really comes down to choice of preference.


Macs are awesome for production, and are consider the industry standard operating system for editing/producing anything. weather it be audio, film or pictures, editing is  easier, quicker. These computers are build for this kind of work. but, like you have already witness, updating can be a pain as technology advances faster each year. i'd suggest staying with mac if you "can" afford updating your computer every 2 to 3 years. Another great thing is that Macs are well protected from virus, which leaves all your work, risk free :)

Windows on the other hand, is great for customizing and updating your operating system frequently. it is also very affordable for the average musician/producer. if you do decide to go back to windows, i highly recommend to not use the internet at all. It can put your computer, and anything on it at risk from virus infection. Other wise i don't see a problem with using windows, it can do anything a mac can but was built for mainly business use.

In the end, it is probably suggest you go with whatever is more affordable. Both are capable of great things, one is just easier to edit on (Mac).

If i had the money for updating, i would go with Mac.


It really depends on what you're looking to do with it.  You can certainly do basic music production on both, but if you're looking to run Pro Tools I'd recommend going with a Mac.  However, if you're just looking for something to get started with and are on a budget, you can certainly learn on a PC.  In the end I think it's best to do any sort of music production on a Mac when possible...


Mac might be the best option.. you cant install some games and all other fun. so os will be used only for music production :D