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Thread Free 25GB of Online Music Backup with Gobbler [LAST DAY]

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1 Free 25GB of Online Music Backup with Gobbler [LAST DAY]
Hey guys,

Just a reminder that its the last day before 7 Dec to get the free 25GB accounts from Gobbler, after which is only 5GB. I’m sure some of you guys know it but for those who do not know, Gobbler is an online backup and collaboration service for audio. It recognises your session files, including Garageband, Cubase, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, etc and backs them up. You can also send links to download your online sessions which is extremely useful for collaborating and transferring large sessions. You can get more space through referrals and invites.

To get the 25GB, you will need to sign up, install and run the app once. The app currently mac only but windows users can still get in on the promo. For Windows users, you can still get the 25GB by getting on the waiting list. You’ll get the 25GB once the Windows app is out. I have been using Gobbler to backup and transfer sessions for quite some time now. I’m extremely satisfied with it and most certainly haven’t seen anything else like it. Quick and easy backups have saved me from hard drive crashes a few times now.

If you wish to sign up, I would ask if you could use my referral link and I would really appreciate the gesture. Thanks and happy music making.