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Thread Pro Tools Le 5.1 RTAS Plugins (Mac OS9)

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1 Pro Tools Le 5.1 RTAS Plugins (Mac OS9)
I'm on a "needle in a haystack" search for Bomb Factory, Waves, Digidesign plugins for my Pro Tools Le 5.1
RTAS Audiosuite system. I am running Mac OS9. I know your first question... Upgrade? What I got works and I am having fun! So, please keep an eye out for me. :bravo: Thx

Kim in Allen Texas

Hoorah!!!! I was able to get those plugins from a "good ole soul" in Central Texas :bravo: Pro Tools 5.1 on Mac OS9 lives on, thanks to D.Moore in Central Texas. Thanks a million. Back to making the hits. :8O: