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Thread 53 Years Playing Bass

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1 53 Years Playing Bass
But technology out wits me every time.
I'm using Acoustica Mixcraft6.
I have been trying to down load Karaoke and separate the tracks.
I was hoping to replace the instrumentals with my own!
I want to burn them to CD for my children while I can. (I have medical issues).
I just cannot work out how to do it!
I'm 69 and can still sing good.

I have searched the logical forum but just cannot find an answer, or a written response I understand.
Time is an issue for me!

So far I have downloaded MP 3 and then slid them into the loop Library. But not WAV !
I just cannot work out how to separate the channels/instruments/voice?

I'm aware this is less than basic for you guys, but could you just give me some help.
In a step 1, 2, 3, way? Many thanks in anticipation.


The Eternal Student, Ziggybass

According to Greg from Acoustica's support, "The best bet in a situation like that would be to see if anybody sells versions of the songs that has separate instrument tracks of the songs he's interested in. I know there are companies that sell instrumental-only versions of popular tracks for karaoke. Or, he could go to our user forums and see if somebody wants to collaborate with him on the songs: https://forums.acoustica.com/bbs/viewforum.php?f=10."

I hope that helps you out. If you have further questions, I'd recommend contacting Acoustica support directly at:

Thanks for reaching out to us. Best of luck with everything.
Mike. Thanks for taking the time, and for contacting Greg. I had assumed that seeing MIxcraft allows us to build on tracks it would allow dis-assembly of others. Foolish of me! I have found sites selling complete tracks where individual instruments are displayed and can been slid in and out but all arrive and normal MP3 or WAV tracks. I guess technology wont catch up with me now!
Thanks for your kindness. ziggybass.

The Eternal Student, Ziggybass