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Cort M user reviews

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - " A must for beginners!"


    It comes from Indonesia, Mahogany body Bolt, very solid, humbucker hambucker. 3 micro positron. UTILIZATION Handle very nice, very easy to use, the cord is not removed from the sleeve, is why I buy, I hate the rope away! :) The sound has a subs…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - zicopilote's review


    See below ... UTILIZATION Guitar super fun to use, and flawless manufacturing (at least for mine, a 2006). Not a weapon of war, but sounds clean, very good shovel given its price and its microphones. The violin should be responsible ... Ha…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - kruger's review


    - Made in Korea. - 22 frets and two humbuckers humbuckers non splitables. - 2 volume pots tone. - Micro selector 3 positions. - Tune o matic. - Bolt. UTILIZATION I like the handle, the grip is good for a beginner, but we do not all have…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - Antonio33's review


    - Made in Korea. - It has 22 frets and two double-coil humbuckers pickups. - There are two portards: one volume and one tone and a pickup selector with its 3 (severe, medium, high). - Basic Bridge in Agatha. - Bolt. UTILIZATION For starte…

  • Cort M520

    Cort M520 - khronegon's review


    Set neck Mahogany body Mahogany, Modern "C" Shape NECK WIDTH 1F: 43mm / 22F: 56mm NECK THICKNESS 1F: 20mm / 12F: 22mm Rosewood 12 "Radius (305mm) FRET 22 / Large (2.7mm) INLAY White Dot TUNER Die cast SCALE 24 3 / 4 "(629mm) NUT G…

  • Cort M600 LH

    Cort M600 LH - Meuric's review


    Made in core to me it seems like most of Cort 22 frets, two humbucker EMG-HZ coil (SA1 and TB1) 1 volume and 1 Tone (with push-pull), slecteur 3 positions USE The handle is very pleasant, quite large and a bit thick. The access to the tr…

  • Cort M100

    Cort M100 - lonlevade's review


    Guitar made in Asia, probably in South Korea. standard number of frets, 22. 2 humbuckers (a sleeve, a bridge) 1 volume, 2 tone, 3-position selector Simplissimo UTILIZATION The handle is comfortable without giving in excess ... basic, but …

  • Cort M600

    Cort M600 - etho's review


    Core, 22 Frets, 2 doubles, fixed bridge, mahogany neck and body and tables stocky, splendid natural version. 1 volume, 1 Tone push / pull to split the pickups (effective), a slecteur 3 positions a second volume knob and I put 10 UTILIZATION I…

  • Cort M800

    Cort M800 - brutus01's review


    Made in Korea. Cash Hollow Body with gills in F. Flamed Maple top dark blue. 21 frets. 2 Humbucker pickups with MightyMite split. Tune-O-Matic M2. Volume.1 tone with a split. Set Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. Pearl markers.…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - SlamDK's review


    Fabriquen core I believe 22 frets humbucker knob of a tona and knob volume UTILIZATION The handle is painted what makes the game ki and small. the access is good enough o acute Guitres for low-end is quite pretty and slight Ideal for me…