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Cort M user reviews

  • Cort M600

    Cort M600 - VelvetShow's review


    Made in Korea 22 Frets, Mighty Might Humbuckers Cort (rotten!) 3 selectors microphone, a volume knob, 1 tone knob (splitable) Set neck, flamed table Very nice guitar close to the PRS in the form I note also that the violin is excellent as …

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - scania's review


    Guitar shape between Paul and strato Channel 22, too late, finally enough for my liking! Fixed bridge tune O matic. Action a little too high even after adjustment menfin ... 195euros bought new in burgundy red. UTILIZATION Access in acute…

  • Cort M-Custom / M900

    Cort M-Custom / M900 - alias_greg's review


    Guitar made in Korea. 22 frets. 2 humbucker pickups MightyMite / split single. 1 Bridge Fishman Powerbridge. 1 volume knob magntiques microphones, one microphone button Tone magntiques / split single coil humbucker, 1 slecteur 3 positions (n…

  • Cort M520

    Cort M520 - benjimade's review


    Core 22 boxes, Hambuckers fixed bridge 1 volume, 1 Tone splittable I put nine because the trend is mcaniques dsacordes at trs big bend (over 1) ... But the body is fine to say anything UTILIZATION The neck is super agrble it can be traced…

  • Cort M800

    Cort M800 - math112x's review


    Guitar made in Korea 22 frets Tune-o-matic 1 volume knob and one tonalitbr /> the single humbucker are splitable 3 position selector round asse confortavle a bit like a Les Paul maus bcp more pleasant for me corp hollow mahogany with flam…

  • Cort M1200

    Cort M1200 - tobias47's review


    Ben fo already be clear that an unusual guitar trs pa is imported in France. 3 position selector Sh2 Jazz micro model and sh4. n ausii not handle a gro les paul but super comfortable and I t impressed by the facilties of play Mahogany body,…

  • Cort M600

    Cort M600 - doudou.cort's review


    - In what country does she makes? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...): frabrication Corenne factuture of very good, fairly treated. BMOL a single node in the middle of the handle (no rpoblmes of jouabilit)>> but it shows that the choice of…

  • Cort M600

    Cort M600 - shaker's review


    Trs-beautiful guitar -Mahogany body Saddle-table flame Mahogany-collbr /> -22 boxes, rosewood fingerboard -2 Humbucker pickups "Mighty Might" Fixed bridge-type tune-o-matic "M-2 bridge" -1 + Volume control 1controle tonalite Push-pull s…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - Tyamine's review


    Cort, it must be mounted in Indonsie (as many guitars today) It possde frtes 22 and is mounted with 2 humbuckers Powersound. Basic Bridge in Agathis. Rglages level we have the right has a volume knob a knob of sletion for micro + a knob of Tone…

  • Cort M200

    Cort M200 - phonic6's review


    It's cort lespaul a handle type, which is not quite round two humbuckers, the same as the Cort X without vibrato bridge and a stop bar the bridge is placed too high on the guitar 2 pots and a selector the Tone pots is very good lctroniq…