Cort M520
Cort M520

M520, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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benjimade 04/18/2006

Cort M520 : benjimade's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
22 boxes, Hambuckers
fixed bridge
1 volume, 1 Tone splittable
I put nine because the trend is mcaniques dsacordes at trs big bend (over 1) ... But the body is fine to say anything


The neck is super agrble it can be traced back boxes fast enough without problem.
Access in acute poses a problem to some beginners but a few days APRS is no longer a problem we are surprised to solos on ls dernires boxes.
This is the catch the weight is quite consquant not too too much either (unless a Les Paul) but even when ps is weight.
With such a distortion p'tite boss ds-1 trs gets good!
I put 9 because of the weight ...


For the styles of music is versatile enough to rock it will mtal (I find his playing Rammstein limit so you can see) the bridge and pickups super meaningless (even if I replace it with a seymour Duncan SH-4) but the neck pickup is enough dcevant the sound is rather jerky (can be my models).
I jous on a Marshall amp 5watt my religious string (180 watts of fun!)
For sound I jous so with the bridge pickup is super versatile thanks to splittage so we can play songs super quiet (like Time of Your Life by Green Day)
nerv more like Metallica through Satriani (note not the same when the same!) without problem.
My sonrai prfr it is with the bridge pickup volume up a bit in the Tone above the max with distortion and it's gone for long hours of rock ... I d tests simply stick microphones.


I have since the month of November 2005.
I like his attitude rsolument Rock, the least rsolument handle the microphones is change if you want to play with.
I try a PRS Santana and a cort katana but my choice is prtez on this one gal that problem without the prs.
the price quality ratio is excellent if you have a good guitar CHRE versatile too.
I referrer without problem because the choice in this price range it can be one of the best ..