Cort M520
Cort M520

M520, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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MGR/philofthevern 05/03/2010

Cort M520 : MGR/philofthevern's user review

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She is beautiful!!! By far the nicest looking and sounding guitar I own. she has a light maple finish on front, and cherry wood on back. Solid mahogany. The set in neck makes for a really solid guitar. I play in a metal project called N2 Oblivion. I have been playing for 20+ years, and can't get enough metal! I currently own a B. C. Rich Bronze series, J. Rynolds Strat ( It was practically given to me), and a Huntington acoustic. I have more crate amps than I know what to do with, and tons of distortion and effects.

I recently traded my epiphone les paul for a cort m520. I hate to say it, but I enjoy playing heavy metal with my cort more than I do with my b.c. rich, wich has a seymour duncan 'dimebucker' in it. she screams, but my cort's tone is much more rich and melodic sounding to me. And I didn't have to ruin my life savings to get it.

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I love the finish, and solidness of the guitar. I swore up and down my next guitar was gonna be a $3000 b.c. rich with all the fixings, but I think I am gonna be happy with my 520. for a long time. since the guy threw in the hard case, I will be taking excellent care of it. The neck has 24 frets like my b.c. so i dig the playing field. The 520 is shorter too. I am a short little metalhead at 5' 6', so it is way easier for me. this guitar is sweet.

Well at least I didn't do it, but the head stock... was broke. The guy had it clamped and reglued. I am surprised at how the tuning of the guitar is not effected. yet. I have only played it 4 times. That was enough for me to fall in love though I put it back in the case, and have only opened it to look at her. I want her professionally repaired, but i am very afraid of losing her perfect finish.

Excellent choice for those who want to say to themselves, 'I got a really beautiful guitar.'

I wouldn't ever think of getting rid of this one. It goes to show I didn't need a guitar sponscorship to get a guitar like my metal heroes have. It may be no 'dime bag' dean, but it still shreds.

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