Cort M520
Cort M520

M520, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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MGR/mikey jensen 04/20/2005

Cort M520 : MGR/mikey jensen's user review

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I bought this guitar used at North Shore Music in Thunder Bay Ontario. It was in the window and i was like "damn that thing looks like a PRS" then i saw the price tag expecting a bare minimum of $800...but then i saw it...$290. (used) so im thinking to myself...this thing has to sound terrible. but i figured "hey, this should be fun" so i asked to try it...i was BLOWN AWAY.

wow, where do i start

It looks and feels like a PRS. when you play it the neck feels like it's molding to your firngers. The mighty-mite humbuckers sound beautiful. The neck is slim, comfortable and FAST. and best of all the COIL TAPPING...that's right folks, with just a pull on the tone knobs you go from classic flat metal humbuckers to single coil strat sound. This guitar sounds BEAUTIFUL and is very versatile. If anything ever happened to it, id buy a new one at full price, no questions asked.

The action was a little high by my standards, so i had the dealer bring it down a bit. no extra charge either. but that's my only complaint...not bad considering it was used and the other corts ive played since have really nice action...leads me to believe the previous owner adjusted it.

well as i said earler...humbucking pickups with single coil tapping, tune-o-matic style bridge, fast neck. this thing is like the perfect combination of a PRS and a Gibson at a VERY affordable price...($499 US new.) i checked it out on the cort website. it's sturdy too...i took it apart (like everyguitar i buy) just to make sure everything is soldered right and that nothing can go wrong with it. I was impressed. The wires were VERY easy to follow and everything seemed VERY VERY sturdy. plus the set neck is beautiful. great for staying in tune. I can jump around on this thing all night at gigs and i dont even have to touch the tuning.

BOTTOM LINE!!!! this is the PERFECT guitar for anyone starting or intermediate. well above average. Not quite PRS but at the price its really damn close. this thing is amazing. I'm already saving up for the's the same series but it's a hollowbody version. i can't wait

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