Cort M520
Cort M520

M520, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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MGR/Holly 12/10/2003

Cort M520 : MGR/Holly's user review

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Well, I bought this guitar at a store ... It was on the wall ... it's brand new ... I got my guitar in Calgary, AB at the Guitar Connection (small shop on 17th Ave.) This guitar is worth $700, I got it for $500. I got it because i out grew my Memphis.

I love this guitar!!! The neck is thin and smooth, good for soloing. It is more of a gibson style guitar which is sooo much better than my fender style one. It's also really pretty, all wood, mahogany i think, it has a sort of morphed strat body (I don't know if it has a name, probably), all the metal bits are silver colored. It has an awsome sound! A really nice clean tone and also a rockin' distortion. Awsome.

There isn't much I don't like about it. I don't like the fact that the input jack thing (i don't know a lot of terminology) is on the bottom of the guitar, not on the front. I think that's my only complaint.

This guitar is not a starter, but not one of those thousand doller ones. Better than medium, i'll leave it at that. It has two humbuckers that turn into single coils with a button. The tone and volume knobs have to be the coolest things in the whole world of knobs. All the metal stuff is silver in color. It hardly goes out of tune, which is awsome.

I love my guitar. I would recogmend it to any one who's outgrown theur starter and is ready for one that will last you 5 years.

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