Crate user reviews

  • Crate CA6110DG

    Crate CA6110DG - bpmccauley1's review


    There is absolutely nothing bad that I can say about this amp. When I was shopping for a new acoustic amp I was pretty much convinced that I wanted a Fender SFX II. So I went to the local shop and started playing around with one. I had the first S…

  • Crate BT 100

    Crate BT 100 - "Crate BT100"


    I've played bass as a second instrument for about 15 years now, but when gigging, I'm mostly playing guitar. Bought through for about $250 USD a year ago. Was looking for a relatively inexpensive portable bass amp and this fit the …

  • Crate BT 100

    Crate BT 100 - "Crate BT100"


    I play bass in metal bands, on and off for the last 4 years. Got it at Billy Hydes for $660 (Australian) about 4 years ago. The built-in, well lit tuner is great, and the footswitch/2 channels is handy as well. The sound felt very fuzzy and soft, …

  • Crate GX30M

    Crate GX30M - Heavyspender's review


    This amp is solid state all the way. Not sure of the wattage, but I would say, judging from the volume, that it is about 30-40 watts. This amp has two channels, drive and clean. The drive channel has gain, shape and volume controls. The clean cha…

  • Crate BT220

    Crate BT220 - "Crate BT220"


    Playing bass for 17 years. Play in a tribute band to Wishbone Ash at the moment and have done for the past three years. Wide variety of musical taste. i bought the crate bass amp about 2 years ago for nearly £400. The shop was Sound Control in Gl…

  • Crate GT212

    Crate GT212 - john5-88's review


    Solid-state. 120 Watts RMS 2x12" 3 Channels: Solo, Rhythm, Clean Footswitch included USE It couldn't be easier to use. You can get a good sound right away, without the need of the manual. The latter is pretty clear, though, and it's more th…

  • Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H

    Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H - "Crate Blue VooDoo 120H"


    I've been playing for around 3 years. I currently play in a pop/rock band name Five Flights Tuesday. Check out our site: (recordings to hear the Blue VooDoo!). I sing and play a mix of rythym and lead guitar. Local…

  • Crate GT1200H

    Crate GT1200H - "Crate GT1200h"


    I' ve been playing for about 4 and a half years now. I play black chaotic metal ( band ) and alot of suthing melodic stuff to please the mind. I'm mostly into metal ( no bullshit like Nu metal or hardcore ) I mean good old metal. héhé I got this mid…

  • Crate GT212

    Crate GT212 - cacaii's review


    120 w solid-state amp with 2 12" speakers (excellent) Very comprehensive connections Only one reverb USE Very easy to dial in. 3 channels, one clean, one with overdrive and one solo with other types of distortion. The EQ controls are very e…

  • Crate Palomino V8

    Crate Palomino V8 - "Crate V-8 Palimino"


    I bought this at guitar center in Little Rock for $300.99 I got this amp for practice and playing in churches(some churches don't like the full volume of a marshall half stack) It has a nice warm tube sound. When its about 40 degrees out side just …