Crate user reviews

  • Crate BX100

    Crate BX100 - "Crate BX100"


    This is a 100watt black combo amp I bought it used off a friend along with a cable and a zoom effects pedal for a combine $300 in around 2003 or so. It's a good lightweight starter amp for very small venues and for practices. If you are just playi…

  • Crate V33

    Crate V33 - moosers's review


    The Crate V33 is a tube based guitar amplifier that consists of two 12" speakers. Like the name states, it will deliver 33 watts of power and contains four EL84 tubes. The amp is broken up into two separate channels, which can be controlled with a …

  • Crate G40C XL

    Crate G40C XL - "Crate G40C XL"


    Stereo twin speaker amp roundabout 85W, features two channels (Clean and driven)with Chorus effect and Reverb built in to the unit. Also features stereo (2 Jacks) direct amp line out (For mixer etc.) and stereo external speaker line out. Optional…

  • Crate VC508

    Crate VC508 - moosers's review


    The Crate VC 508 is a very small tube guitar combination amplifier. The VC 508 has one EL84 tube, and a single 8" speaker. It has a 1/4" input for your instrument as well as a 1/4" output/insert jack. It will only deliver 5 watts of power, but it …

  • Crate BX100

    Crate BX100 - "Crate BX-100"


    i bought it new in 2005 its a great amp by itself or with ext speakers have a warlock bass playing thru it and the sound is phenominal awesome effects ive been playing guitar snd bass for 36 years mostly home and garage band stuff we call o…

  • Crate GT15R

    Crate GT15R - moosers's review


    The Crate GT15R is a small guitar combination amplifier designed for use in a practice setting.  Like the name states, the amp has 15 watts of power and also has some built in distortion and reverb.  The amp is solid state based and has 1/4" connecti…

  • Crate V33-212

    Crate V33-212 - "Crate V33 212"


    nice looking amp black with silver wire front 54lb super loud!!I have played for about 20 yrs. Played a lot of junk and some good amps. I grew up in the late 70's rockandroll and southern rock era. I play a fender lonestar and gibson sg. I was l…

  • Crate GX30M

    Crate GX30M - moosers's review


    The Crate GX30M is a solid state electric guitar amplifier with a single speaker.  Like the name states, it delivers 30 watts of power and also contains effects like reverb, overdrive, and chorus.  The amp has 1/4 inch connections in the front for yo…

  • Crate GFX-1200H

    Crate GFX-1200H - "Crate GFX 1200H"


    For an inexpensive 120 amp head, this thing rocks. As with most Crate amps of the last 10 yrs they have done it again, they nailed tube tone from an inexpensive solid sate amp. I build and repair tube amps, but Crate has floored me again with the ton…

  • Crate Taxi TX15

    Crate Taxi TX15 - phraseland's review


    This is a transistor amp for any on-the-go musician. It delivers 15W of power and is driven by a large 'car battery' which or course can be recharged. A full charge can last up to 8 hours (plenty enough for most applications). You can connect two ins…