Crate user reviews

  • Crate V3112

    Crate V3112 - "Crate V-Series 3112"


    I bought this amp for about $450 from American Music here in Seattle. It was a demo model, thus, the better than usual price, as these go for roughly $500-$600 new. I had a chance on a few occasions to try this amp out and was really impressed by the…

  • Crate BT 100

    Crate BT 100 - "Crate BT100"


    Went to my local music shop in Derby UK (play it again Sam - 16 stores nationwide). I went not knowing what style of amp i wanted. Gave this one a try and instantly fell for it. Cost me £269, reduced from £330. This amp is great. Let's start with it…

  • Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H

    Crate Blue Voodoo BV120H - "Crate BV120"


    I got it for $425 on ebay. I got it based on reviews and the fact that it is all tube. I love the sound. It has a perfect crunch with my Viper 400 with emg 81's. The first power cord I hit made the hair on my neck stand up, and my mouth dropped ope…

  • Crate GT1200H

    Crate GT1200H - "Crate GT1200H Amp Head"


    I bought this amp from Sound Control music store (UK). I'd had my eye on it for a while as I'd originally intended to buy a Marshall AVT50H head and AVT412 cab, but I wasn't happy with that and this Crate was far superior. It costs £199 for the head …

  • Crate BT220

    Crate BT220 - "Crate BT220"


    I acquired this amp through my church at Guitar Center for my son. size and sound nothing very good Very good quality and features. Awesome sound. This review was originally published on…

  • Crate GLX212

    Crate GLX212 - "Crate GLX212 Amplifier"


    I purchased the Crate GLX212 amp at Ken's Music in Kennett, MO for around $600. By the time they figured in shipping and all and in case repair was needed, I figured it would be better to buy the amp locally instead of from a catalog. I bought th…

  • Crate GT15

    Crate GT15 - "Crate GT15"


    I purchased the amp, along with an Ibanez guitar and all the trimmings for my daughter. It was her first guitar so this was meant as a starter setup to goof around with at home. We bought it at during a big sale at DC Music in Blaine, MN. We paid …

  • Crate TX50DB

    Crate TX50DB - "Crate TX50"


    Bought this battery powered PA box used, $225. New street price: $350. Already had its little brother, the TX15 (see my review here at MusicGearReview), but needed more power and features. This top of the Crate line of amazing battery-powered, two-…

  • Crate VFX5112

    Crate VFX5112 - "Crate VFX 5112"


    I bought this amp off E-bay for $350. Fairly new, they haven't made this model that long. I already have a Crate Vintage Club 50 watt head but I was in the mood for a combo. The VC has great EL84 tone so I knew the 50 watt combo with EL34s should sou…

  • Crate BX100

    Crate BX100 - "Crate BX 100"


    Purchased at Guitar Center of Hallandale, Fl for $289.00 I highly recommend "The Guitar center". These people are really good. The amps power rating of 100 watts rms seems to be accurate. It is indeed loud enough to play at moderate volume and…