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MGR/M.P.T. 12/09/2003

Crate GFX-65 : MGR/M.P.T.'s user review

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I bought this at Musicians Friend (Enemy) for @ $349.00

Sounded pretty good at low to moderate volumes. Effects were nice to have. (While they worked!)

At higher volumes this P.O.S. farted and crackled like a mofo. Effects were limited at best. The effects quit working after about 4 months of use. Tried to send it back to Musician's Friend but they would'nt take it because it was still under the manufacturers warranty. I called Crate (Crap) and they told me to send it back and they'd fix it, but I had to cover shipping both ways and insurance. It would have cost me $80.00 to do this. So I said fuq it and sold it to a pawn shop.

Cheap a$$ light weight fiber board and flimsy plastic. Made in pieceocrapistan.

Save your money. Buy a quality amp from a local dealer.

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