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MGR/Petos 01/21/2003

Crate GFX-65 : MGR/Petos's user review

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I bought it new at Music Go Round for $299

It's very portable and the built in digital effects sound pretty good, although the ability to
tweak an effect is very limited. On the clean channel it starts to sound a little compressed
at higher volumes which is actually kind of nice. The FlexWave distortion is adequate at
best- on the gain 1 channel it is obvious that the sound is coming from a solid state amp,
but on gain 2 with the shape effect it sounds very nice.
I have had no problems at all with this amp and I have played it in numerous different
places including an outdoor show where it was below freezing- try that with your vintage
tube amp.
I have yet to run the amp into an external speaker, but I have miked it through the PA,
and that sounds great.

As mentioned above, the effects are nice but there are limits to the settings you can
choose. Also, the gain 1 channel sounds a little cheezy. The amp is also somewhat
volume limited, but that comes with a 65 watt amp with a single 12 inch speaker, and
can be overcome by adding extra speakers or miking.

Rock solid- I've had no problems at all with it.

For a relatively cheap amp it is a very good deal and will work for most amateurs
or as a practice amp.

I will rate it a 4/5

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