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MGR/Big Ed 12/27/2003

Crate GX130C : MGR/Big Ed's user review

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how i came to buy a crate solid state? it was over 12 years ago my marshall head wasnt sounding good , so i brought it in to get it re-tubed...they lent me the crate gx-130c and i used sounded awsome and it was more versitile than that 100 watt barking marshall. my band members even liked it better.

i like that it can sound great at low volumes and that its a stereo head with built in reverb and chorus. Plus the distortion channel sounds better than a tube amp

switching from the clean channel to the lead channel is a very drastic change it seems as though there should be a second stage distortion setting.. I dont especially like the fuzzy material they use on it.

its construction is pretty standard .. a box with all the components in place, with a handle on top. no complaints here.

Bottom line - if you come accross one of these heads...let me know,... I wanna get another one to have 2 half stacks

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