MGR/Anonymous 07/23/2011

Crate GX130C : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I wasn't looking for one of these amps. I saw one used at a music store for $99. A 212 130 watt amp for $99 dollars....! I plugged it in and tried it. I fell in love right away! First of All the clean channel was fantastic! amazing reverb! I dial it to about 2 or 3 and it's perfect. The distortion channel is AMAZING!! you can practice rock/metal etc at low low volumes and it still sounds fantastic. You can't pull that off with a tube amp very well. When I flipped it around to my surprise I saw 2 V12 green celestion speakers. These are loud, clear, and full of low end punch! I could go on and on.. but I think I got a great deal this 99 dollar 2x12 can easily keep up with my Peavey and Marshall tube half stacks all day long. Crate IMHO has the absolute BEST Solid State amp DISTORTION PERIOD!

Should you run into this try it! You may fall in Love with it like I Did!
I have been playing guitar in bands cover and original rock bands since 2006. I play alternative rock/ southern rock/ hard rock/ and classic rock

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