Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set
Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set

AAX Stage Performance Set, Cymbal Pack from Sabian in the AAX series.

MGR/Matt From Splash 06/24/2003

Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set : MGR/Matt From Splash's user review

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I got a greatdeal from Sound Attack in Colchester, UK.They matched a price that I had been quoted elsewhere. I paid £325 for the performance set which includes 14" Stage Hats, 16" Stage Crash and 20" Stage Ride. The set comes in a hard black plastic moulded cymbal case with centre bolt. This is my first serious cymbal set. I have always used lower grade second hand cymbals before as that is all I could afford at the time.

These cymbals really are superb. The sounds are clear, bright and strong. They cut through live on stage without mikingm and they sound excellent in the studio. They are Briliant finish and look stunning under stage lights. The casethat came with them is fantastic. It has a screw on centre bolt to hold the cymbals in place and I know that my cymbals are safe in transit.

It's hard to find fault with these cymbals. My only comment and this is purley a personal view, is that the 20" ride could have slightly more stick definition and less wash. This is easily solved by changing to a metal or Rock Ride, which is what I will do at some point. The fact is that this is a good all round ride and does'nt let me down at all.

These are good strong cymals that are built to last a life time. If they are looked after there is no reason to replace them which is another reason why I paid out for a good set of professional cymbals. The case is very sturdy and makes the whole deal a very good one.

Great set of cymbals to suit all types of music. They sound great whether played loud of softly. A really professonal sound within reach of a working drummer. I intend to stay with AAX and build on my set. I am really delighted with this product. Well done Sabian!!! in my opinion they are as good as A Customs!If you live in the UK and need a set of cymbals, give the guys at Sound Attack a call and sort yourself out with some Sabian AAX.

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