Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set
Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set

AAX Stage Performance Set, Cymbal Pack from Sabian in the AAX series.

MGR/alex J. 08/22/2004

Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set : MGR/alex J.'s user review

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After not playing for a few years, I decided I wanted to get back into it so I purchased a new kit for which I needed cymbals with. I did't want to buy peice by peice or used after I saw the performance sets available. Having also been told that the foundation of your cymbals have been matched by sound for you was aperfect idea. Between HHX and AAX I chose AAX when I mentioned to the salesguy that I played hard and soft, he recommended AAX which were actualy cheaper in price. I figured buying in bulk was going to be cheaper and it was.

The versitility behind these cymbals are endless.I like how they blend rather than overpower.They offer a great blend of tones
with brightness and clarity. Most of all what I like is that they are very easy to control and are sensitive to hard or soft playing and sound amazing either way. The brilliant finish on them are very attractive and captivating.

There's nothing I don't really dislike about them other than the sizes which are only based on preference anyway. I would have prefered a 21" ride instead of 20" and,an 18" crash instead of a 16".

The lathing appears fairly simple like two groove patterns. one is a straight circular
lathing and the second angleling itself
outward to project it's tone. Also very dull hammerings fairly cimetricly placed. They apper to be machine hammered but sound like they have been hand hammered, especialy the AAX Dark Crash which is the only AAX I beleive to not be available in in a brilliant finish. These cymbals are cast made from durable SABIAN B20 Bronze unlike the lower lines of SABIAN cymbals such as B8 Pro which are made with B8 Rolled Bronze and are much cheaper in price, but also in sound. HH, HHX, AA, AAX are all the best series of SABIAN cymbals.
Durable stuff that delivers great results everytime.

A practical buy worth every cent and more.
I recommend drummers of any style to try them. If versitility is your thing AAX Stage is a godsend.

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