Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set
Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set

AAX Stage Performance Set, Cymbal Pack from Sabian in the AAX series.

MGR/Anonymous 11/29/2003

Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I purchased the Sabian AAX Performance Set unopened at Drum Central in Glasgow for £399. I had heard these cymbals compared o others and had read several reviews and had to buy them. The set includes Sabian AAX Stage Hi-Hats, Stage Ride and Stage Crash in sizes 14",16" and 20". The cymbals are held safely together in the black sturdy hard shell case.

The Sabian AAX Performance Set is visually stunning to look at. With it's exclusive Auto-Focus Response feature filtering out unwanted overtones and equalizing high and low ptch responses for a perfectly bright tonal blend, these cymbals deliver the purest, most controlled sounds at any level of volume.

These cymbals Have little or no fault. I personally think that the bow of the ride cymbal could be more defined when hit.

At the price for these exceptional cymbals, they will last for many years, and will not need changing. They will make jaws drop with their fantastic liquid shine look and sound wise these cymbals are soem of the best money can buy.

sturdy case for safety, visually stunning, brilliant sound, affordable and worth every penny.

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