MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
MXR M80 Bass D.I. +

M80 Bass D.I. +, DI from MXR.


MXR M80 Bass D.I. + : Anonymous 's user review

«  Very useful live »

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Technology a priori analog transistor, this pedal is a kind of preamp / direct box / distortion.
Input jack, output jack classical parallel (no effect) and XLR to send to a mixing desk.


Very easy to use because it is very clear, this pedal does not require long time to operate correctly. All settings are available on the above, it is very instinctive, which is useful for live use that has motivated me to purchase.


The "preamp" which in the end is a rather equalizer is effective, "color" button to bring out the bass through any mix has a special EQ preset and can not be modified.
The distortion part is, even the relatively low gain, rather beefy, not nice crunch or overdrive here ... that's why we call it a distortion :)
The gate is very effective and cuts noise so truly effective and never cutting sustain involuntarily, almost a shame that this option is only active distortion engaged, I wish I could alleviate fuzz with upstream.


Strong, flexible, efficient, this pedal simply took the place of an amp for me on stage. Bizarre? Perhaps, but as anyway I did not afford me an amp "lamp", and the 9/10emme times the sound engineer takes before the amp with a DI, here at least DI is made for bass. And as I doubt that many preamp amp transistor are inherently better than tables mix sound engineer, I save back with this pedal that allows me to sound like I want (in this case, the engineer its a must my EQ, which is not the case taken before amp). In short, this little box is my Swiss Army knife that I carry everywhere and does it well!