MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
MXR M80 Bass D.I. +

M80 Bass D.I. +, DI from MXR.

Flo667 04/02/2012

MXR M80 Bass D.I. + : Flo667's user review

«  Good cheap preamp »

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Bass preamp pedal format with a built-channel distortion, with a XLR direct output and one output parallel
9v mains or battery power supply and 48v phantom using a mixer (very handy)

Side settings, it has a 3 band eq unique
For the clean channel volume and switch "color" that is rumbling low mids.
For channel distortion volume, the blend (mix clean / overdrive sound)
if you use a trigger locks the gate to reduce the breath of distortion when not playing and then the gain to assay the level of distortion.


Usage is very simple, I did not need the manual. It takes more or less time to tweak its settings, particularly if used in groups. Examples are provided with adjustment, it's little help to begin with. Otherwise an input an output jack for a conventional pedal.


In his clear and without incurring the button color, the sound of the instrument is respected. The equalizer does its job, then 3-band parametric necessarily a less versatile. Still in its clear, if we use the color you end up with the big rock well and personally apart from all its features I think it's the great thing about this pedal. For the distortion channel blend is very useful because all distortions as it is heavy on bass, so no dedicated eq must gain the right mix / blend to avoid losing too much bass.
The noise gate is effective, but it does not generate too much wind either.
The XLR output is good, it lacks a volume control or attenuator (-15db such as on a lot of DI) but for the price ...
The phantom power is very well regarded, for rehearsals I alimentais like that before having a pedalboard, and we appreciate not lugging the transformer.
Another plus for this pedal, when using color mode and that you put other disto upstream, it can inflate the bass to be very heavy and have a good presence.


Used for about two years, for its price it is frankly excellent. As usual for a larger budget we find the best equipment, but for 160 € frankly are not new photo. Not had any problems with just a switch that unscrewing it a little, we saw nothing unusual at the foot switches, turning the key and talk about it more. Overall I am very satisfied, so if it all over again, I would resume the carefree.