Adobe audition 1.5
Adobe audition 1.5

audition 1.5, Digital Audio Editor from Adobe.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Adobe audition 1.5 : FP User's user review


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Something that made me use this program more(then the older version) is that your now able to use VST plug-ins with it. This is if you ask me the most important upgrade. But there are also some little extras like burning cds inside Audition, now you dont have to export them 1st and load them into lets say nero to burn your mixdown you just finished. I know this was possible with cool edit 2 too yes but this was something you had to get separately, now its already in it.

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I used cool edit pro for years so I cant really judge if this new(er) version of cool edit is easy to use. But I know that when I was just new to sound editors, I liked cool edit more then others because it was so simple to use. And the interface hasnt changed that much so I guess its still a pretty easy to use program.


The sound quality is exactly what you would expect from the newest version of cool edit pro, nothing really fancy here.

I must say that Audition is still a very ''light'' program. I heard some people say that this one isnt as smooth running as cool edit pro2 but I guess I have to disagree with them. If you compare this program with cubase SX(I know, these twoo are completely different, but hey lots of people know them both)audition is very less RAM consuming, and this is noticeable and feelable. And about the durability, well it just crashed on me a couple times and thats normal I guess with software.


For me its the number one editor, its the program I used for ages, and prolly will use for many more years.

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Posted by: Ilgit ( 9-, 2005)