Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x
Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x

Cool Edit Pro 2.x, Digital Audio Editor from Syntrillium.

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Oliviercool 11/19/2004

Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.x : Oliviercool's user review


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Installation without problem.


My config.: Asus motherboard / Intel Celeron 400 MHz bus with 133 MHz / 196 MB RAM / approx. 65 MB SD / Sound Card SEK'D Prodif Plus + table mix numrique Fostex VM-88 for the AD and DA conversion.
Windows 98, Cool Edit Pro 2.0 works perfect but on Windows 2000 and XP is the disaster: he walks to beginners and then it does not work anymore! :-( Unless the version 1.2 works impeccable throughout. Well, in WXP, with my config, which is just pil dj hair without reserve of power with W98, may be understood but in W2000, which Premire view does not appear in the computer allourdir Manir xagre is incomprhensible


I use it since its inception (almost: from Cool Edit 96) and I find and TRS gnial rgonome. Not need the manual: everything is organized in logical and Manir comprhensif. Its particularity is its spectral view. In one quick oeuil, we see the state General for the waveform (if there is wind, if the bandwidth of the file is 22,000 Hz or 20 if the last re is cut, for example ...). There has not, on Sound Forge (which I find far less convenient, by the way). Cool Edit Pro supports plug-ins but it is unfortunate that DirectX does not support plug-ins VST. This app amme a squenceur Intgr :-)))) A squenceur trs audio only (too) simple. Squenceur as audio, I use far prfre Samplitude audio editor but I did not get any better this time. Version 2 has an encoder - decoder adapters of MP3 Pro Intgr ^_____^ (The MP3 Pro is a new MP3 has much better bandwidth than MP3 respects normal). It yammer the possibility to burn audio CDs with, if only one download and install the plug-in burning. But this plug-in burning, it's a catastrophe. Management is to make tracks by ch'veux, it crashes ... Well, this plugin is in beta test, so has to understand ... Cool Edit Pro is the software I use to master WAV files of my songs before passing tmoin Samplitude for burning.

Note: Adobe is now known that the software for the occasion rebaptis Adobe Audition.