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paradies 10/19/2011

Yamaha 03D : paradies's user review

«  Value unbeatable bargain price »

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See manufacturer information see the notice ausis ddinside a little lower: I agree with him.

Everything is still valid.

Unless the sampling frequency (48 kHz) but honestly unless you have a requirements contract that has no more interest in work: the cd is a tjs 44.1 kHz, the DVD has 48.

Can serve as a control surface for ProTools for less that a command 8 (including all of the faders are EMEM more pleasant but did not console or multi-effect section)

Very nice reverb (much better than the lexicon rtas, but not editable)


Quan gift comes from analogue requires a little getting used to: in fact the same set of 16 fader handles both the sentrées 1-16 and 17-24, bus / to, and effects sends, etc. . must be taken to be in the right way otherwise they will not be on the side that we think.
So, a lot of trouble with the live 01V and a digital consoles because of Eprise hand too controlled.
In addition we do not live tjs time to enter a sub menu to refine the scale.
The 03d communicates well with sound cards (via ADAT) professional digital devices (connections aes ebu) manages the 5.1 and was produced with this in mind al epoch: it was a tool targeted audiovisual auditorium.
Many albums and films were made then stop over to the snobs in throwing in the trash all that criticism is more than 2 years of age: the stuff is true tjs has been a good pretext to excuse his own mediocrity.


The converters are better than most sound cards convertos the same time.
After recess that there are better, recess that progress has been made. But one can easily bypass the preamp and pickups connect Focusrite ADAT rack or other so let's stop rallied to this: what will bring the same analog console versatility at this price?

When compared to the mp3, I do not know what this comparison is based. Obviously the difference is obvious. a yes but if we necessarily between synth VSTI cracked or freeware that will ring metal, which is to blame?

Analog and microwave sources are quite well rendered.


For about a year
A number, both at home audi, audio-visual studio that specializes in music studio.
Remind us that it was a compact console. Do not ask 32 mic preamp with class a. .. very well known that a single slice will cost the price of the console!

I suggest a home studio while seeking to increase the versatility of its installation on the cheap by acquiring a tool that was inaccessible while ago and has been designed according to the criteria pro at the time, still in force today criteria.

j added that the sterile polemics about his supposedly cold my 01v and 03d lost a year of doubt and testing to realize finally that they were only conversations geeks.

However, all comments are not illegitimate facillement may have damaged her if we saturate the converters ....

It makes music! and 03d is very good for that!