Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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trentmix 11/14/2004

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio : trentmix's user review


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Oulala! See website builder, everything is indicated in every dtails (as usual '!)


There is no simpler. One branch is pressed rec, you can play, much ... If it's going, we keep, if it goes wrong, it erases all over again, with two buttons! There's no simpler than that. If you want to apply an effect (which I will later), idem. No, really, is a machine that does not squirming c. .. entitled to shit, and it's really enjoyable. Small default, ergonomics to finalize a record (timing, etc ...) Obviously that is not as good as on a computer, but it vraimant the price paid for an almost perfect record (condition of have good instrumentals). Another highlight non ngligeable: the record is sharp, clear and prcise. We read, apply, and you're jou!
Oh, I forgot: Boss and the design is not really ca ... Look trs spaceship, it's a shame. capacitsdpassent but everything else!


Okay, so since I'm not a ingnieur sound, I can not go too far on the subject. I feel that the sound is neutral, as is being played out APRS recording. Some say the colors the Boss, they must have the ear as espigle the hair of a bird (Jamel sic).. non frankly, the sound is pure and flawless. Indeed for the effects, they are absolutely terrible. For my part, I have the same guitar on their Boss ME 50, so no worries of ct l. The nice thing is that they are applied before and APRS recording, very practical ... The converters are about them trs fcture good, no worries either. I have not tried the bote intgre rhythms, but I'm a little rticent saw my same drummer he will take care of the rhythm (After all, it is the for that!).


This is my first recorder numrique, and I can say I am impressed with the capabilities trs of bte. Some say it's a toy, I think they are either pros or the frustrated ... Nevertheless, a toy that allows you to enhance your job climax, if you can tame it. J'tais front of computer (Cubase and a multitude of plugins that gobble up a Whereas ...), and I can blow ... : Beug not-for-now, no breath-which is really not ngligeable - short, a real machine to do a little more than the model, and nun slightly less than the studio (but s' in close strongly). Musicians, go for it, this machine is for you (for fans of programming, sound cards 2000 euros for nothing, for plugins that play music by pressing the "Enter" key, pseudo musicians who play mouse, go your way). At Euro 1200, is an excellent investment!