Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

MGR/gatorblue 01/06/2008

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio : MGR/gatorblue's user review

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I've been playing in soul, blues and R&B bands since 1968 (old guy). I still play soul and blues professionally in our state. I also play acoustic blues for recording purposes only, backing other singers. I have played with and backed many well-known names in all three genres.

I paid $995 (after the $100 rebate from Roland). I bought it a week ago. I did a lot of research before replacing my 6 year old Tascam 8 channel unit.

Very sophisiticated pre-amps built in. Excellent drum samples with more than 150 loops that aid in laying down a "click" track for multi-track recording that can then be replaced with live drums. Also good for recording the whole band for up to 8 channels at a time.
While I am a tube amp guy all the way (owning 4 of the best tube amps ever made), the COSM amp effects are great for laying down rhythm and bass tracks without having to mic the amps--that and the digital drum sample loops are excellent. The effects are way beyond good and the ability to actually record 16 tracks without going to virtual tracks is something I like. It also has Voice Box pitch correction and harmonizer which I will not use much, but can be handy. Korg makes a good product that is 32 tracks for the same price, but the extras on this unit make it much more efficient for someone like me and the sound quality is absolutely studio quality. XLR inputs with phantom power is also a plus.

Only one thing.. the "go to zero" button and the Rewind button should be switched, but that is a very small issue.

so far, so good. But I will only use in my studio and do not plan on travelling with it very often

Great overall recording "workstation" that allows a musician (who is not a techie) to master the thing within 2-3 days and concentrate on making music in a very efficient manner. Outstanding sound and high quality additional tools all in one box for $1000.

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