Boss BR-532 Digital Studio
Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

BR-532 Digital Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

MGR/Paul Nery 11/02/2003

Boss BR-532 Digital Studio : MGR/Paul Nery's user review

« Boss BR-532 Digital Recorder »

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I acquired this 4-track digital recorder after havind a not-so-good experience with other brand, that claimed it was portable and very easy to use. Although that unit had some really good effects, it was only 20-bit and 31.25 kHz; and was not "user-friendly". So, searching the Web, I found the BOSS recorder. The 4-track was the only one I could afford; I play guitar, keyboards and other instruments, and I make music of various styles, planning to record CDs in the future.So, I went to a store called "Drum |Shop" and bought it.It cost aroiund US$ 450.

It´s very easy to use, and has many built-in effects; the recorder resembles a 4-track portastudio, so it´s very "user-friendly". I made some recordings, transferred them to the PC via a Smart
Media device, and burnt to CD, with very good quality as a result.

The only problem is that it´s a 4-track recorder; for the kind of music I make, it would be better an 8-track...

Excellent quality, like all the gear that BOSS makes.
For rock´n´roll, new age, blues, everything, it can give a superb quality of recording.

If I have to choose again between brands, I´d take a BOSS recorder...always.

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