Boss BR-532 Digital Studio
Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

BR-532 Digital Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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MGR/Aidan Logins 11/15/2003

Boss BR-532 Digital Studio : MGR/Aidan Logins's user review

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The Boss BR532 has great quality recording for a small price: only $667 at a local guitar shop. I purchased this product so that I could more conveniently record my songs. Before owning the Boss digital recording console I had trouble remembering my ideas and I had a lot of paper clutter. Now all my songs are recorded and neatley stored on discs.

Its compact size and ability to run off of battery power makes the BR532 portable so you can record almost any place you want to. The bass simulator and amp modeling effects give you the sound that you need without needing to buy all of the expensive equipment.

The batteries do not last as long as I would have liked, making the power cord a neccesity, but the power cord is not included with the purchase of a BR532. Video instructions are not included with the product but can be bought seperately.

It has a surprisingly crisp and clear sound quality. It is built to last and easy troubleshoot. Its relatively light weight makes it very easy to transport from place to place.

This product was exactly what I wanted but more than I would have expected for such a low price. You can record all your song ideas without the hassle, expense, or waiting involved with booking time at a recording studio.

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