Boss BR-532 Digital Studio
Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

BR-532 Digital Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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MGR/Keith Jenken 11/22/2003

Boss BR-532 Digital Studio : MGR/Keith Jenken's user review

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I was looking for something to replace my old 4 track analog machine and found the features of this unit to be good value based on the price.
I paid 679.00 Canadian for the unit.

I like the built in features such as the various guitar sounds and the ability to modify the presets to just about any combination you want. I also like the built in Bass simulator it sounds almost as good as a real bass guitar and once it is mixed you can't tell the difference. It is also very portable and is easy to take anywhere.

The instruction book could be better written some of the descriptions are hard to understand
The 32 Mb card supplied with the unit is too small. A 128 Mb card is a must. I keep losing tracks when trying to bounce them and find its a hit and miss situation lots of the time.

The unit seems to be built very well. All controls function smoothly. Its easy to hit some of the wrong buttons due to their close proximity to one another. The sound quality is very good. The recorded sounds are clear and noise free. A big improvement over analog units.

Lots of features built in to a compact unit. Very portable and good sound quality. Could use a better instruction manual. Unit should come standard with a larger sound card. 32Mb is just too small.

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