Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

BR-8 Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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MGR/tracy park 12/04/2003

Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio : MGR/tracy park's user review

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i got my BR 8 at Guitar Center in first one was stolen..bought another...I think I paid around $700.
I've found the BR8 to be very simple tp operate and get ideas down real quickly before they disappear(as i am a songwriter)
and the quality is very good...I think the quality is really up to the user's abiltityl..the BR8 has the goods.

Ease of use/multitracking/preset drum patterns/guitar patch editing
1) for a long time I used what the presets were but I've found thwt when you select one you can edit and save it(very useful)the same goes for vocals./..I recent;y dicovered a great guitar sound using the enhanced vocal preset
2)as far as drums go that's always been a problem for me..the drum unit is well bad,but if you use a drum machine thru the Midi select(midi on #9)it picks up the drum machine sound ...that's been a relief...and you can tempo map the whole thing using different drum patterns

the zip disks are about $8 and you need (1) per song usually 100mb although I hear if you use the live module the recording quality is still good


quick/songwriter friendly/could put out an independent project(need cd burner)it's got the goods you?

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