Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

BR-8 Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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MGR/walshey 12/10/2003

Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio : MGR/walshey's user review

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I got this beauty from a friend who's taste changed from guitars to drum'n'bass and i paid about £150 for it which is pretty amazing as it was only 6 months old and they're about £700 new.

This unit is specifically designed for guitarists and is basically a compact recording studio in your bedroom. It has drum patterns which you can set and then play along to aswell as an array of built-in effects to cut out any modulation or fuzz from dodgy leads or connections (and i found them actually alot better than the ones on my peddle) so you come out with a perfect guitar line (as long as you play it right). Surprisingly it was very responsive with bass aswell. Alot of compact studios fall short on the intensity of the bass on the final product but this one held it right up and gives it good depth. I also found that with an SM-58 it was very good for recording vocals so after alot of experimentation i recorded my whole band on it, having done the drums professionally in a studio, so we came out with a very near studio quality recording.
It records onto 100MB Zip-disks which are about £10 a pop and are very good quality. You can fit about 2 songs on a disk depending on how full they are.
The lcd display is amazingly helpful because you can actually see when a track is at it's limit and where the optimal level for it is to get that perfect sound.

It's a bitch to figure out! There's so many things you can do with it that i found myself getting lost in the midst of possibilities. There is a video that goes with it but i didn't get it as it's sold seperately. and costs! In some cases it was hard to get the tone right on the often peaked on the resonant frequencies and therefore buzzed instead of being warm and atmospheric.

Damn fine. I've dropped mine 100 time maybe over about 3 years and there's barely a mark on it! All the buttons are well stuck in there and the case is strong plastic and metal.

Great value for money, very durable and high quality. The only critism really being that it's bloody hard to start on it.

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