Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

Ninspade 11/22/2014

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder : Ninspade's user review

«  Surprisingly good »

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Value For Money : Excellent
4 XLR or jack inputs one of which (only) provides phantom power. A jack for foot switch or expression pedal that serves me well my faith. Recording on SD card up to 32GB seems to me. There is a box built but hardly editable pace. The proposed grooves are not bad. Headphone jack. USB plug for dialogue with the computer.


The manual I was indispensable. I find easy to use as soon as you accept the presets as they come. I have already said, but editing grooves through the suitable software is simple but VERY off-putting, no editing tool worthy of the name!
Backup pieces on the computer is VERY slow on my PC. You have to be very patient.


The sounds are transcribed and the equalizer which I have used extensively, is simple and effective. I also use the built-in reverb and scenic. That's pretty much it.


I use it for about 3 years. I use it often as notebook or recording models. Excellent value for money in my opinion. Main pbs: BAR and backup pieces on the computer.
An example is always more effective than words follow the link below:

these pieces were exclusively recorded, mixed and mastered with the BR-800.
Make your opinion.
Recorded instruments: guitars, bass, live keyboard. Xylophone, glockenspiel, vocals, acoustic guitar, cajon, congas, doumbek through microphones.