Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

Aymerica 11/24/2014

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder : Aymerica's user review

«  Very nice as tools »

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it is a 4-track capable of playing 8 (ie only 4 recordable tracks).
The connection is not bad, damage qd mm not to be able to plug 2 guitars without adding DI.


The use is relatively simple but passage through the manual box was indispensable.
I had until now never tested multi tracks and there are fast on his way.
there are still qq features I have not yet found (just to start the battery after 4 or 8 bars)


The effects are quite impressive. For a "domestic" use like mine, we get to do many things. Then I think that we should not wait for it so the mm thing that a good tube amp.


I have not tested many models for the simple reason that I have not found anything really comparable (price / functionality / integration).
It is very unfortunate that the apps are not offered rested on Mac