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MGR/NegativeEyeball 02/01/2004

Fostex MR-8 : MGR/NegativeEyeball's user review

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Purchased at Sam Ash music store in King of Prussia for about $350 and a separate 512k Compact-Flash card for about $150. Bought to do some simple home recording including drums, keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals. The price for this unit is exceptional.

Price is great for the unit and the built in effects are very good. Easy to operate for someone who is not technically very proficient. Digital recording is so much easier than the old cassette types I used to use in many ways including ability to cut and paste and find your spot. Also, the interface with the computer is very easy making it simple to burn CDs. I also liked the fact that I was able to take all my old cassettes and convert them to .wav files with this unit, hook it up to my computer and burn CDs of my old tapes. USB connection to computer works great.

I was disappointed that it is billed as an 8 track when to get 8 tracks, you have to first record 4 tracks and then bounce them (and submix) to track 5 and then record tracks 1-4 again. You then mix tracks 1-4 plus 5 together onto track 6 to get all 8 tracks. Also, there is really no way to have two different effects.

Well built and portable. Easy to move from basement studio to computer. Recording quality is good.

Well worth the money. Technology advancements have made home recording simple and affordable. I like this unit very much.

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