MGR/plooked419 06/30/2004

Fostex MR-8 : MGR/plooked419's user review

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I bought the MR-8 from Musicians friend in a package deal that included headphones, a mic and cable, and gig bag for 350$.

This unit is great for rough mixes. It is compact and very user friendly. Its easy to set different points in a song as reference points so you dont have to search all day long to find a certain point in a song you are working on. Its also nice if you want to go somewhere (like out in the woods) because it can run on batteries and has a built in mic. Mastering effects and reverb are decent. I play many instruments including guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, didgeridoo, jaw harp, keyboards and various types of flutes. All come through fairly decent with the MR-8.

The included flash card is way to small for just about anything. This recorder is really only good if you have a decent computer to hook it up to. I use Cakewalk studio pro and bounce back and forth between the two so the card isnt an issue for me. If you dont have that option you will definately need a bigger flash card. With 8 tracks(you have to bounce tracks 1-4 to track 5, then record 1-4 again to get all 8 tracks) you are looking at a 3 minute song and no more. The guitar distortion sucks unless you want a very digital sound, then its OK.

I've had this unit for about 6 months and have had no problems. It seems to be well constructed for its price.

The best way that I have found to get a (close) professional sound is to mike all your instruments or amps and go from there. I also do vocals by running my mic to my PA then using the line out to the recorder. This is a great recorder for the price or for use as a scratch pad. But getting high quality recordings although possible, requires some work.

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