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Willty 08/19/2002

Fostex VF16 : Willty's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- 8 analog inputs asymtriques (including 2 XLR or jack with phantom power supply and insert)
- 2 to send
- Connectivity twelve o'clock
- In / out SPDIF optical (ADAT connection to)
- SCSI port (for backup and more)
- 16 bit / 44.1 khz
- Sync?? (I do not MIDI)
- Luent simultanment 16 tracks, 8 tracks recordable at the same time (16 with an ADAT), 8 tracks ghost supplmentaires


The manual is explicit trs. There are plenty of examples for novices (like me and that's cool!). The config is pretty simple and Access in the usual functions are easy.
Ngatif just one point: you can not copy the program scnne mmorises another.


Converters: not enough exprience to judge!
Effects (2 CPUs): fairly basic, but even if not transcendent!
Equa 3 paramtriques high and mid band, compression on tracks 13 & 15 & 14 or 16 and master. The equation is an equa numrique, so average.
It yananmoins good dynamic essemble.
It sounds good when even trs!


I use it for more than three months. This is a simple, well explained, and thanks to the manual trs performance for the price. I love the undo / redo, scrub function to view the curve and make a sound Sampler slot perfect, the two recording modes (direct and buss), the ghosts tracks, ...
What I dplait: effects not great, the equation a bit tight, no possibility to compression of the 16 tracks.
Report qualitprix excellent! chr least 16 tracks, not the worst. more with the addition of an ADAT 8-track console, it becomes a true 16-track analog and it's deadly!