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MGR/Brandon Glen 01/27/2003

Fostex VF16 : MGR/Brandon Glen's user review

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I purchased this item from Mars Music For $799.99.
I'd beel looking to move into the digital realm for quite some time and when the motor in my four-track refused to play at the same speed two takes in a row I had the excuse i needed to jump into the world of hard disk recording.

I like Having sixteen digital tracks. The onboard effects are some of the best i've ever heard and with adjustable parameters your set for most home recording needs. The copy and Paste function works well. Hands down the Automated mixing function is the greatest apsect of this unit. It's a very simple approach allowing the user to take a "snapshot" of the faders effects and pan knobs. Multiple snapshots can be edited into a program that changes as your song does. This allows for some wonderfully dynamic mixing!

The Bus set-up makes it difficult to use a microphone on all tracks. The absence of Low end E.Q. is nearly criminal.

The Unit is made of a very solid metal houseing which is no worse for the wear over one year post purchase.

Great Unit!

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