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MGR/Anonymous 07/02/2001

Fostex VF16 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought this unit online from KTJ music in Scottsdale, Arizona. I bought it from them because they had the best price. I paid $919.00. I need to upgrade from my Korg D-8 because I need more tracks.

I love this unit, so far. I've only had it about 4 days but I've already learned how to use all the basics. It sound WAY better than the Korg and the 16 separate track is great! I has a small harddrive (5.1) compared to some other brands but you can upgrade it with any compatible drive. It's easy to change. That's why it costs less than the other boys. I love the 2 separate effects units, and all the other features included. The instructions are fairly easy to read and understand. I definitely helped that I had the other one first. It's small and nice looking. Seem rugged. I like how all the inputs are on the top and easy to get to. It's loaded with great features.

The smaller hard drive, but as I said that's why is cost less and I will upgrade it soon. The screen could be bigger, but it's readable. Nothing else I don't like, so far!

Fostex is know for good quality and this is no exception. Very good construction. If it's half as dependable as my Korg was I'll be a very happy camper!

So far I'm very happy with this unit. 16 seperate channels is bliss! I'd recommend to it to anyone.

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