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MGR/Ray Phillips 01/28/2002

Fostex VF16 : MGR/Ray Phillips's user review

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I purchased my VF-16 from Musician's Friend 3 months ago for $799.00. I liked what I read about the unit before making my purchase

I am really new to digital recording and I need the simplicity whenever I can get it. I first bought a Roland Machine (I forget the model) and it was so complicated to operate,I sent it back. I want to record without hassles and extra bells and whistles. I have made 2 live recordings of 5-piece groups with much success. Mixing is easy and the effects are great.

The trim pots don't really start to peak until you reach about 9 (on a 1-10 scale) and then you get slammed with volume. I am learning to adjust. Being one of the "over 40" crowd, my eyes are not what they once were. The readout has all the features that I need but it could stand to be twice it's size for my taste.

I love the compact size and weight. It is heavy enough to let you know there's actually something inside. It appears to be constructed well. Time will tell with a few on location recordings.

Overall, I am gald I sent the Roland back and decided on this unit. To be able to get 16 tracks plus great effects for a fair price was enough to sell me. If you are looking for a great, user-friendly machine, the VF-16 is your best bet!

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