MGR/Uncle Bob 08/02/2003

Fostex VF160 : MGR/Uncle Bob's user review

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It was bought in New zealand. I bought it to record our bands first CD. It seemed like a cheaper alternative to getting the CD done proffesionaly and after trying other digital multitrackers from manufacturers like Akai, Tascam and Boss i decided that for me the VF-160 would be best suited. I paid NZ$2.500 without CD-R.

Easy to get a basic recording down, i got a song done in 1/2 hour, excellent features for money spent. Realy impresive sound, once you learn how to use it.

My band and some friends got about 4 days of recording/ mixing done, when hard disk developed a fault. We lost everything, this seems to be a common problem. Also the cut/ paste function is hard to use. Parts of the user's manual are imposible to understand.

Very solid unit. Well thought out design with good sized buttons (not too small). The sliders are very smooth . It certainly doesn't feel cheap, and it doesn't creak like some units.

A very good unit, capable of proffesional recordings. pleasant to use. But make sure you back up everything to either CD or other device. It realy is a shame about the hard disc.

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