Korg D-1600 MKII
Korg D-1600 MKII
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chrislehyerois 05/05/2005

Korg D-1600 MKII : chrislehyerois's user review


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4 XLR (no damage 8)
8 jack
Between a guitar (I have not seen the diffrence between aster with must know that it replaces from 8
optical output S / P DIF (very handy for recording the PC to the korg)
midi in out
USB (on some of TRANSFR give but I have not used I just verifies that it works is ok)
2 sortier monitor jack
2 master output jack
Fott sw and expression pedals (not edday)

Sampler 16-bit or 24-bit 16-track 8-track (Korg ventent often 24 bits but we end up with 8 tracks, he would say nothing meiux)
20 GB hard drive I believe (more than enough for 15 titles)
MIDI sync
8 tracks record 16 reading
9 because there is all you need (to 2 xlr more and I put 10)


Configuration to Abors simple, but the doc is necessary to go to the dtail, the possibilities are standard and worth the trouble of going to the trouble
trs functions are easy to catch tactille CASC and very practical, but should not have fat fingers ....
the manual is comprehensive but not really clear is in my opinion the biggest default, this product or note 7


L is in my opinion the most from Korg, the dynamic is pffff, I tried that same game product price (boss, yamaha, zoom) and Korg and is well above c ' certaienement is on the TRS of the game must be better but can make good models trs,
cts fact, the same highlights korg effect numbers, but be aware that not all are usable and configuaration following the recording was not really a choice for accsa all effects should be recorded track by track, do not make the choice of studio effects for guitar and voice are beurrrk, the effect of mixing is good and sufficient
I put 8 for the public on the effects that is truncated


I use this studio for 4 months
trs well transportable very easy to use
The report price is trs good quality, I acchet musicmatos.com in which the best deals in France and a great customer relationship
I would do the same choice without problem