Korg D-1600 MKII
Korg D-1600 MKII
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drumy 04/16/2004

Korg D-1600 MKII : drumy's user review


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The USB and more from the D1600? There are no pictures, it does nothing more (this is exactly the same bike) because with the integrated burner and a CDR-RW you transfer everything you want on your PC and vice versa and , and at least you do not have problems with crashes so dear to our beloved PC. No need to have a bike like if it is to look for E. s. ... You have everything at hand, and here, it's not virtual!

The material is hyper serious, reliable, ergonomically designed to the maximum, and much easier than AW-16 competitor, with whom you spend more time in the user manual on the bike. When in doubt, do as MOA, will test it in a store because it's still more expensive than a pack of smokes (but it hurts less to the lungs) is not ready to make a shot ^ old this machine!


The config is the crap (you still have to eat it), so easy and affordable! A manual with hyper clear that! I'm not a very very old in the homestudio, but it's very intuitive, very logical in all phases of recording, without taking the lead.


Then the filters! I did not believe it. If you have a good Shure 57 or 58, you're quiet for a long time. I'm not saying the economy that you can make purchase of microphones. Is not the wallet will be happy? You still have to amortize the beast!

No compressors imposed on the inputs, that's top, you're the boss or not?


It's been a few months I have, and I think to keep a lot of time. I confess that I find it difficult to part with it. The dimensions are very honest, without falling into the gadget to 4kg. and fragile. Super chassis inside; IDE Hard Drive (40 GB) that can change in 2 minutes to the biggest, though it is not necessary; of 8x8x32 burner drawer too. What you ask for? I dare not say what I had before, would not it be nice! with a good flycase for lugging in rehearsal (I drooled every time, pleasure, yes). In price / quality ratio? simple: UNBEATABLE! And then, looking good, we find at a good price, new (it's solid). Resale? no problem, as the IS of the stew! It's so sought after!

Go Zique and good friendships

Your Korgialement, Drumy

PS. If it again, I will change perhaps nana (sorry ladies) but not my DR-1600.